NatureBank has experienced foresters who have worked closely with landowners of all sizes to develop plans for sustainable forest management, wildlife habitat restoration, and permanent conservation.

Building off our expertise in ecological and biodiversity program development and management, NatureBank can assist land owners in evaluating and measuring the ecological assets of their managed lands. We can provide a portfolio analysis of the emerging ecosystem services markets related to asset identification, regional market/policy analysis, and commercialization strategies for the following ecosystem markets:

Feasibility Assessments

Throughout many projects we will look at feasibility assessments. This can range from the first part of a carbon certification to an assessment of the financial viability of a project. The result will lead to a a clear recommendation for the client how and when to proceed with the project, and what costs and benefits will be expected.

Evaluation Tools

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Forest Restoration

Forest Restoration is a process aiming to regain ecological integrity and enhance well being of people in deforested or degraded landscapes. Forest restoration aims to bring ecosystems back to a former state which will enhance carbon stocks and at the same time have positive impacts on other ecosystem services such as provisioning services regulatory services, recreational services benefiting the local population.

GIS and Modeling

NatureBank complements its services with a team of software developers and spatial analysts that can perform sophisticated mapping analysis required for management planning and payments for ecosystem services programs.