As one of the best strategies to protect against future environmental liabilities, clean technology is an asset to any organization. It requires the implementation of technologies that minimize both resource use and environmental impacts. Integrating clean technologies with sustainable commodity supply chains enables vertically integrated organizations that are well positioned to address future climate and environmental risks.

NatureBank’s cleantech experts offer a range of services from initial feasibility assessment and market research, impact analysis, to carbon offset project development and benefits reporting. We have worked on a wide range of clean technology projects including:

  • Thermal Insulation and advanced building technologies
  • Bioenergy systems
  • Energy capture from Landfills
  • Smart transportation technologies
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Closed-loop processes for mining and extractives
  • Precision agriculture and feedstock optimization
  • Materials reduction in packaging

If you are interested in learning more about our clean technology services offerings, please get in touch with us: