Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Often the majority of a company’s GHG impacts are actually not directly owned – they are with various suppliers across its supply chain. What is also often the case is that the largest opportunity for emissions reductions, and also biggest opportunity to improve working conditions and practices, lies with in a company’s supply chain. However understanding, quantifying and communicating supply chain impacts is a complex area: NatureBank utilizes its LCA/LCI expertise and internationally recognized supply chain accounting protocols to assist our clients in the technically challenging, rapidly growing area.

Climate Risk Services of Natural Resource Planning

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Life Cycle Assessment

Ever wonder how much energy was used in growing, harvesting and transporting coffee from the fields to your coffee shop? What about the water used to grow cotton, dye yarn, and manufacture your company's best-selling t-shirt? Life Cycle Inventory Assessments (LCIA) can help you understand the environmental impacts of your products and services.

Policy and Market Analysis

NatureBank’s in-house team of policy and market experts can help project participants and companies understand and assess the policy, risk, legal and market dynamics related to regulated and emerging environmental markets. As members and contributors to international policy and market groups, NatureBank continually communicates with local, national and international policy developers about issues related to ecosystem service markets and climate change.

Offset Project Development

It is important to understand the basic feasibility of any offset project before committing to the higher-cost design stages. The final assessment will make a go/no go recommendation based on the information provided.

Clean Technology and Industrial Innovation

As one of the best strategies to protect against future environmental liabilities clean technology is an asset to any organization.

Event Impact Management

If you’re organizing an event, NatureBank can help add value to your sustainability efforts by measuring and minimizing environmental impacts.