Gold Standard

Within the project “CO2OL Tropical Mix” degraded pastureland is reforested with mostly native tree species. The concept is based on combining sustainable and high quality timber production with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration. The project was the first afforestation project worldwide with triple certification under Gold Standard (formerly CarbonFix), CCB and FSC Standard. The project is also the first to generate carbon credits from cocoa plantations.

  • Development of PDD for CCB, CarbonFix and Gold StandardAdding of further areas as Management Units to the already existing PDD
  • Integration of different management approaches: agroforestry, conservation and rotation forestry conceptStandard
  • Harmonization (FSC, CCBS and Gold Standard)
  • Development of carbon calculation methodologies for mixed forest plantations
  • Additionality analysis, Eligibility studies of land use scopes, Leakage survey and baseline assessments
  • GIS mapping and development of interactive map applications



Project TypeReforestation

StandardGold Standard