Offsetters, a subsidiary company of NatureBank, is Canada’s leading provider of sustainability and carbon-management solutions. Offsetters helps organizations and individuals understand, reduce and offset their environmental impacts.

Offsetters was founded in 2005 to respond to a growing demand from companies for sophisticated advisory services related to their environmental impacts and a desire to reduce and offset those impacts through high quality greenhouse gas reduction projects. Over the past decade, Offsetters' has worked with corporate partners across North America, the British Columbia government, and several large events, including the Olympics, America’s Cup and GLOBE.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Portland, Oregon, Offsetters' has expertise in greenhouse gas measurement including CDP reporting, offset project development, water footprinting, climate change science and policy, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and carbon finance.

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Offsetters services range from Advisory Services, Project Development to Offset Sales.

Advisory Services

  • Organizational GHG Inventories
  • Product Life Cycle Inventory and Analysis
  • Event GHG Impact Analysis
  • GHG Mitigation Program Design
  • GHG Disclosure Services
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Corporate Risk Management

Project Services

  • Rapid Assessment
  • Project/Program Design
  • Design Validation
  • Data Monitoring and Management
  • Annual Verification and Credit Registration

Offset Sales