2020 Annual and Special General Meeting of Shareholders

  1. Notice of Meeting and Management Information Circular
  2. AGM 2020 NI Materials Request Card

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Our current Share Structure, as of July 2020, is as follows:

Shares outstanding 61,752,679
Options outstanding 325,000

If you would like to receive investor information or have any further questions please contact us at investors@naturebank.com

Read about our recent press releases and investor information below:

NatureBank Announces Board Appointment, Warrant and Option Issuance

July 20, 2017

NatureBank Asset Management Inc. is pleased to announce that it has appointed CEO Phil Cull to the Board of Directors effective immediately. Mr. Cull fills the eighth seat on the NatureBank Board,…

NatureBank Signs Agreement of Limited Partnership to Invest Over $14 Million in Sustainable Cocoa Development

May 05, 2017

NatureBank Asset Management Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an Agreement of Limited Partnership with Southern Harvest Partners LP and related entities, for the development and ongoing…

NatureBank Announces Shares for Debt Transaction

April 19, 2017

NatureBank Asset Management Inc. would like to announce it has entered into a shares for debt agreement with a past service provider whereby the Company will issue 200,000 common shares at a deemed…

NatureBank Cocoa Specialist to Speak at Chocoa 2017 Conference in Amsterdam

February 23, 2017

NatureBank Asset Management Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Silke Elwers, Senior Consultant for Agroforestry and Cocoa, will be presenting on the main panel at the 2017 CHOCOA Conference, being…

Corporate Information for Company Particulars:

Head Office:
NatureBank Asset Management Inc.
Suite 300 – 948 Homer St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6B 2W7
Phone: 604-646-0400
Email: investors@naturebank.com

Portland, Unites States Office:
1300 NW Northrup Street
Portland, Oregon
97209, USA
Phone: 503-705-6605

Davidson & Company LLP
1200 – 609 Granville Street
P.O. Box 10372, Pacific Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada V7Y 1G6