As demand continues to grow for sustainable commodities, such as cocoa, timber or carbon, the opportunities for investors grow incrementally. Currently, the sustainable commodities sector is valued at over $31bn usd, with a growth rate of 41% annually. An investment in the agroforestry sector not only results in the production of premium certified sustainable products, it also creates new solutions to protect and enhance the resilience of forest ecosystems around the world.

A growing world population and food security are also linked to the agriculture sector and all require substantial productivity increases while climate change poses real threats to production output. Funding climate-smart agriculture projects that support sustainable development not only delivers positive environmental and social impact and provides investors with an attractive, risk adjusted rate of return with low volatility. In a world with rapidly changing business paradigms, a sustainable approach to long-term investment strategies such as agriculture and forestry is paramount.

NatureBank manages and supports investments in natural assets to generate revenue from commodities ranging from cocoa to carbon or timber. Drawing on 20 years of experience in the sector, the NatureBank team has the ability to increase the productivity and sustainability of these critical ecosystems. We focus on investments in commercially operated sustainable forestry and agriculture projects worldwide, preferably with integrated upstream processing elements.

We invest globally but with a strategic focus on North America and Latin America. A strong governance structure and close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders help deliver on our objectives. Projects are typically small to medium-sized and produce ecologically sustainable and certified products that can be sold at a price premium. Our investment approach embeds climate-smart, food security and ESG metrics into all of its investments.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture, forestry and fisheries (CSA) is an approach to developing the technical, policy and investment conditions to achieve sustainable agricultural development for food security under climate change.