The challenges of climate change, land use change and food security have created new opportunities for investment within global supply chains. Consumers and corporations are demanding higher levels of transparency about where the products they purchase come from and reduced impacts from their consumption choices. Investors are looking for market level returns that also satisfy social and environmental criteria, going beyond public market ESG screens. According to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the Impact Investing sector grew to $77.4bn in 2016. Historically, most of this investment has been private and institutional.

NatureBank Asset Management provides a unique and much broader public market platform for sustainable impact investing that meets or exceeds market rates of return and builds a portfolio of real assets that will continue to grow over time.

NatureBank specializes in advisory, technology and project investment services that create value and enhance sustainable commodities and ecological assets. We apply our experience to commodities including, but not limited to, cocoa, timber, and carbon. We provide our customers with a multidisciplinary approach to investing, managing risk, enhancing asset performance while securing commercial returns. While managing climate change risk, we improve livelihoods and sustainability in our project regions.

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Investment Focus

An investment in the agroforestry sector not only results in the production of premium certified sustainable products, it also creates new solutions to protect and enhance the resilience of forest ecosystems around the world.

Investment Process

Our industry leading investment process utilizes a risk-based governance approach, clearly-defined investment strategy and rigorous due diligence.