Our team brings decades of experience working in sustainable forest management, carbon project development, commercial transactions, agroforestry investments, market analysis and conservation projects across the globe. With our diverse expertise and dynamic team, we will be able to support you on the development, implementation and management of your land use projects. Our offices are headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we have additional offices located in Portland, Oregon, Zurich, Switzerland and Bonn, Germany.

Learn more about the individuals on our team:

Phil Cull - Chief Executive Officer

Phil Cull - Chief Executive Officer

Phil’s broad-based experience in financial markets and scientific training drew him to the carbon market where finance, technology and social development intersected.

Rosita Morandin - Chief Financial Officer

Rosita Morandin - Chief Financial Officer

Rosita has over 16 years of experience with start-up companies in emerging markets, managing their finances, accounting, and financial reporting. Rosita serves as the Chief Financial Officer at NatureBank, primarily focused on public financial statement reporting, internal controls, and continuously…

James Tansey - Chief Investment Officer Americas

James Tansey - Chief Investment Officer Americas

James is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of NatureBank Asset Management and its subsdiary companies. He has over 20 years experience in environmental consulting and climate change.

Steve Baczko - Managing Director, North America

Steve Baczko - Managing Director, North America

Steve brings 15 years of management, strategic consulting and business development experience working in environmental markets, sustainability, international business and entrepreneurial ventures both in the private and NGO sectors.

Jane Boles - Director, International Land Use

Jane is a forest carbon project manager who works with communities, governments, and private companies to develop projects that enhance not only carbon stocks but biodiversity, livelihood opportunities, and ecosystem function.

Simon Phillips - Director, Clean Technology Projects

Simon brings 15 years of experience in environmental and climate change consulting and has worked for a broad set of clients on projects related to environmental risk, carbon management, and sustainability. Simon is professional engineer with significant experience developing both Canadian and…

Cornelia Rindt - Director of Projects

Cornelia has been developing forest carbon projects in Canada for the past 10 years. She has managed the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project since 2009 and continues to manage the verifications for all three regions of the Great Bear Project (North & Central-Mid Coast/South Central Coast/Haida Gwaii).

Rob Friberg - External Consultant, Forest Projects

Rob brings 25 years of proven success supporting sustainable forest management, carbon offset funded forest conservation initiatives and multi-stakeholder planning in Canada and internationally.

Kahlil Baker – Senior Consultant, Land Use

With over 12 years of experience working with farming communities and reforestation projects in Central America, Kahlil has been developing innovative approaches to making community forestry an economically viable land use option for subsistence farmers.

Angel Armas - REDD Technical Lead

Angel is a REDD+ expert with over 10 years of direct experience working on the design, compliance, and implementation of REDD+ strategies and approaches under the UNFCCC system. He has worked as a technical expert on UN-REDD initiatives both as a consultant for non-profit or development agencies,…

Board of Directors

  • Harry Assenmacher | Chairman | Founder, Forest Finance Service GmbH
  • Candice Alderson | Senior Vice President, Ledcor
  • Eduard Weber-Bemnet | Co-Founder, Business Communications Consulting GmbH
  • Phil Cull | CEO, NatureBank
  • James Tansey | CIO Americas, NatureBank
  • Alexander Zang | Co-Founder, CEO Forest Carbon Group AG
  • Dirk Walterspacher | CEO Forest Finest Consulting GmbH
  • Guy O'louchnane | Private Investor