Congratulations to the First Nation's and BC Government

February 10, 2016 Vancouver, BC – NatureBank Asset Management extends its wholehearted congratulations to the First Nations, BC Government, environmentalists and forest companies on reaching a final agreement to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. After working closely with the First Nation communities for the past six years, NatureBank has seen firsthand the dedication and commitment of the First Nations to establish a collaborative agreement to protect the Great Bear Rainforest with the Province and other stakeholders.

NatureBank has had the privilege of working with people from the region through the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project and we have seen the passion of the people who live in the region who are the stewards of the Great Bear Rainforest. To help tell these stories, NatureBank has worked closely with the First Nations, Telus Optik and UBC Studios to produce three engaging films to highlight the stories. This is the beginning of a visual journey through the Great Bear Rainforest with three films created and more to be added to the series.

With dramatic scenery and moving storytelling, these films depict the life, history and connection to the land that the First Nations have with the Great Bear Rainforest. Watching these videos reminds us why this agreement is so important. NatureBank is proud to be have been involved in the forest carbon project, and congratulates and thanks all those who have made this agreement possible.

Enjoy the videos here.

About the Great Bear Rainforest

Covering more than 6 million hectares, the Great Bear Rainforest is home to the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest remaining in the world. The resources of the Great Bear are vast and valuable to coastal First Nations, environmental groups, forest companies and governments. Through dedication over the many years it has taken to reach this agreement, the First Nations have worked to stick to their beliefs, values and objectives in protecting the Great Bear Rainforest. They have collaborated with the BC Government, environmentalists and forest companies to reach an agreement that sustains the biodiversity of the Great Bear Rainforest, enriches the community and values the forest as more than a source of lumber. The final agreement commits to protecting 85 per cent of the region’s old-growth forests and the remaining 15 percent will be subject to rigorous commercial logging standards.

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