Cocoa - Avoiding Contaminants Workshop

Cocoa – Avoiding Contaminants” by Dr. Silke Elwers
Wednesday, September 7th 2016 11:15 – 12:45
CCH Congress Center Hamburg, Am Dammtor / Marseiller Str. Hall H

Bonn/Hamburg. Dr. Silke Elwers from ForestFinest Consulting GmbH will share her expertise on the avoidance of contaminants in cocoa beans on-site and throughout the value chain. Accompanying the global industry expo COTECA from 7th to 9th of September 2016, the workshop “Cocoa – Avoiding Contaminants” is part of the 2-day expert conference on the worldwide development of consumption, future trends and challenges in the cultivation of coffee, tea and cocoa. Dr. Elwers counts on many years of experience in the cultivation of cocoa and the implementation, management and post-harvest procedures of cocoa plantations.

The degree of purity of cocoa is a significant quality attribute. Beside the cocoa flavour and physical characteristics of the cocoa bean it determines the trade value. A contamination of the cocoa can cause serious problems in the chocolate production, edibility and wholesomeness of the product for the consumer. Hence the degree of purity is the quality characteristic most present in the public perception. This has been displayed in many guidelines of sustainability certifications, EU import regulations and international standards. Some contaminations occurring in the producing countries could be easily avoided. At the same time, problems of impurity have to be treated with sensitivity to avoid a misinterpretation by consumers.

Participants will be provided with an introduction into the contaminant types and classes, and their influence onto cocoa quality. Following this, respective concomitants and prevention strategies in different stages of the value chain will be elaborated in an interactive workshop. As case examples project-based questions by the participants about concomitants will be included.

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