NatureBank, alongside Dow and ERM, recognized as Environmental Innovator of The Year by Green Sports Alliance

At this year’s annual Green Sports Alliance (GSA) Summit - the world's largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability – NatureBank, partnered with Dow and Environmental Resources Management (ERM), received one of GSA’s Environmental Innovators of the Year Awards. The Award was given for the innovations behind the Climate Solutions Framework for Events developed by NatureBank, Dow and ERM.

The organization and staging of large-scale sports events create a significant impact and many benefits, from economic to societal and environmental. It is generally recognized that the carbon footprint is one of the key impacts of such events due to major infrastructure development and international travel associated to the event. On the other hand, sports have proven to provide a unique platform to engage with large audiences and catalyze positive action, including on the challenges related to climate change and increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

After working closely with Dow Chemical on several Olympic Games, we developed the Climate Solutions Framework for Events and implemented it at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Framework allows event owners, in collaboration with event partners, to implement a structured yet flexible approach to quantify and mitigate the impacts of events while also leaving a positive legacy through the adoption of innovative low-carbon technologies. The Framework incorporates existing best practices in GHG measurement and reporting with a rigorous approach to the development of a portfolio of GHG mitigation projects.

The expertise and solutions from Dow and NatureBank for the Rio 2016 Games are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, lowering energy use, increasing yields and increasing use of alternative fuel sources. Through the end of 2026, the program implemented by Dow and its customers and partners is projected to generate more than 2 million tonnes of climate benefits—energy savings, materials savings and carbon capture—in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Why Should Event Organizers Address Climate Impacts?

  • Proactively avoid / mitigate risk of negative media and external scrutiny
  • Acquire positive media to increase sponsorship and customer value
  • Secure social license to facilitate implementation in the region of the event

Why Use the Climate Solutions Framework for Events?

  • Enables climate mitigation projects to be carried within the event jurisdiction, i.e., maximize social license
  • Save time and resources for event organizer to focus on the execution of the event itself
  • Proven track record including the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

We are excited to receive this award from the Green Sports Alliance who leverages the cultural & market influence of sports to promote healthy and sustainable communities. It is an honour to be aligned with the 384 members, 181 teams and 188 venues in this group of like-minded companies and people.

As the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Games Dow Chemical creates strategic partnerships that advance best in class technologies and deliver tangible sustainability gains to society. They combine the power of sports and science with the power of collaboration to catalyze action on climate change and help build a sustainable future.

In addition to working with Dow on creating the Climate Solutions Event Framework, NatureBank, and it's subsidiary, Offsetters, have worked with the Canadian Olympic Committee, America’s Cup, was the Official Carbon Sponsor for the Vancouver Olympic Games and works closely with other non-sporting events such as Sustainable Brands and GLOBE Series.