As demand continues to grow for sustainable commodities, such as cocoa, timber or carbon, the opportunities for investors grow incrementally. Currently, the sustainable commodities sector is valued at over $31bn usd, with a growth rate of 41% annually. An investment in the agroforestry sector not only results in the production of premium certified sustainable products, it also creates new solutions to protect and enhance the resilience of forest ecosystems around the world.

NatureBank manages and supports investments in natural assets to generate revenue from commodities ranging from cocoa to carbon or timber. Drawing on 20 years of experience in the sector, the NatureBank team has the ability to increase the productivity and sustainability of these critical ecosystems.

Specializing in providing innovative technical and financial solutions, NatureBank is able to value, enhance and manage ecological and sustainable assets. Through our expertise and proven track record in climate change risk management, conservation finance, agroforestry and nature capital we provide valuable advisory, technology and impact project investment services. Our services exist with the underlying objective to increase natural asset performance, sustainability and commercial returns across the entire value chain.

In everything we do, we leverage a multidisciplinary approach to addressing sustainability and commercial solutions to help our clients and partners to manage risk and maximize long term value.

NatureBank was formed through the merger of Era Ecosystem Services and Forest Finest. With offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon, NatureBank is an international advisory services provider, project developer and project investor, with its foundations built on decades of leading expertise from the former companies. Offsetters will continue to carry out carbon management services to its voluntary carbon market clients.

Our team has extensive experience in successfully developing and commercializing complex and large-scale forest conservation, agroforestry and cocoa projects around the world.

Meet our team.